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Quebec Factbook

Quebec is known as “la belle province” and with an abundance of lakes, rivers and other water reserves, it’s easy to see why. With such an ample supply of water, Quebec is one of the world’s top producers of hydroelectricity.

Due to its wealth of fresh bodies of water, Quebec produces high volumes of hydroelectricity. It makes enough hydroelectricity to meet its own needs and still have enough left over to export large amounts of power to Ontario, the Maritimes and the northeastern United States.

Wind power in Quebec also accounts for a good-sized portion of its energy sector. Current wind farms are becoming so productive that the province is exploring options to further expand its reach.

This fact book provides a snapshot of Quebec’s energy sector and how it fits into the broader Canadian energy landscape. It covers topics such as where natural resources are found for energy production, the process through which energy is turned into electricity, how different energy products are used, and how the energy industry impacts Quebec’s unique natural environment.