Canada's Energy Production and Transmission

Giant Floor Map

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Giant Floor Map

Teacher’s guide

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35′ x 26′

(11m x 8m)

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3 weeks

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A Map about Canada’s Energy Production and Transmission

Energy is produced in many different places and in many different ways all across Canada.

This giant map gives students the chance to explore and learn about Canada’s energy story, highlighting where energy in Canada is produced and where it is delivered. Dive into the complex transmission lines that crisscross across our country and explore Canada’s power generation stations, oil refineries, wind farms, and more. Students will enjoy learning about the often-unseen system that plays such a big part in their daily lives through engaging, teacher-led activities.

Browse the Teacher’s Guide

As global demand for energy increases and resources start to wane, it is vital for future generations to understand where our energy comes from and how it gets to us. These lessons plans help share that story.

In this teacher’s guide you will find 10 curriculum-linked activities designed for all Canadian students at the elementary and secondary levels. The activities incorporate the hands-on learning resources that come with the Giant Floor Map, including image cards, pylons and more, to help bring Canada’s energy story to life.