Welcome to the Alberta Energy Quiz

Alberta is one of Canada’s most energy-rich provinces, and produces many types of energy. Answer seven quick questions, and see how much you know…


How many types of energy are produced in Alberta?


What percentage of Canada’s oil does Alberta produce?


True or false: Alberta has the third-largest crude oil reserves in the world.


Choose the answer that best describes the amount of energy produced in Alberta by each type, from most to least:


Pick the two types of energy most likely to power the lights in homes in Alberta:


What percentage does Alberta’s energy sector contribute to Canada’s GDP?


True or False: Rail is primarily used to transport oil and natural gas products to market in Alberta.


How much electricity does Alberta produce from wind power each year? (MW stands for megawatts, which are a unit of measurement for how much power is produced. 1,000 MW is enough to power 160,000 homes.)

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