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    British Columbia Factbook: Natural Gas


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    This infographic about natural gas production and transmission is from the British Columbia factbook.

    Download the PDF in the Learning Activity to look at natural gas production and transmission in BC...

    Download the PDF in the Learning Activity to look at natural gas production and transmission in BC.

    For more information on BC's energy mix, click on the other Factbook pages linked here.


    British Columbia is home to a huge amount of natural gas. There is an estimated 83 trillion cubic metres of natural gas in B.C., enough to support energy needs in Canada and the world for more than 150 years.

    In Canada, B.C. is second only to Alberta in its natural gas production. B.C. produces about 22 per cent of Canada’s natural gas. Much of the gas is converted to liquid natural gas. LNG is natural gas that has been cooled to -160°C, which shrinks it to about 1/600th of its normal size. Once cooled and shrunk, it’s easier and safer to transport across the province to waiting ships for overseas markets.

    Most of B.C.’s natural gas is found in four areas: the Horn River Basin, the Montney, the Liard Basin, and the Cordova Embayment.

    The majority of B.C.’s natural gas reservoirs are actually collections of tiny gas molecules trapped
    inside rocks two to three kilometers underground. This natural gas is harvested using fracking.

    Natural gas cannot be easily shipped by anything other than pipeline. Canada has infrastructure to transport natural gas to eastern Canada and the U.S. And in B.C. alone, there are more than 40,000 kilometres of pipeline running across the province and into the United States.

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