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Managing Climate Change and Global Energy Demand

An Energy IQ overview of Climate Change. We look at natural cycles, how human activities affect Earth’s climate, and some of the things we are doing — and can do — to decrease greenhouse gas emissions while meeting the increasing global demand for energy.

Trading energy – The Canada-US Story

An Energy IQ overview of the complex oil and natural gas trade relationship between Canada and the United States.

Moving Energy

An Energy IQ look at how we move electricity, crude oil, natural gas, and coal, from where it is produced to where it is needed.

Global Energy Demand

An Energy IQ overview of how the world’s growing population and increasing energy demand affects the global energy mix and where we will get all that energy.

Making and Moving Canada’s Energy

Increasing world population. Rising global energy needs. Where are we going to get all that energy? There’s no easy solution, since every source has its own pros and cons. Watch this video for an introduction to how energy is produced and moved all around us.

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