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    Coal: Thermal vs. metallurgical


    Author: Jimmy Thomson, Canadian Geographic

    Publish Date: Oct 11, 2013   Last Update: Sep 20, 2018


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    Canada's coal production in 2017 was 61 million tonnes. Canada exported 31 million tonnes of coal and imported 7.5 million tonnes. 

    Thermal coal is burned for electricity generation or heat. In Canada, 9% of electricity is generated with coal. More than half of annual extracted coal in Canada is used to produce electricity, while the rest is used in steel production. 

    Coal fueled the start of the Industrial Revolution and remains the cheap energy source of choice for emerging economies. 

    Nearly half of the coal produced in Canada is thermal and half is metallurgical.

    Exports to the United States accounted for 3% of Canadian coal exports, and represented 11% of total United States coal imports. Canada's exports are primarily metallurgical coal (93% in 2017).



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