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    Hydro: Leading renewable


    Author: Siobhan McClelland, Canadian Geographic

    Publish Date: Oct 9, 2013   Last Update: Sep 21, 2018


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    Canada is the world’s second largest producer of hydroelectricity.

    Newfoundland and Labrador generates 95% of its electricity from hydro sources. In Manitoba, there are 15 major hydroelectric generating stations, the largest of which is located along the Nelson River.

    Water was used for thousands of years in water wheels to grind grain and corn. Since the late 19th century, hydro has been used to generate electricity. Hydroelectricity is now the world’s largest source of renewable energy.

    Hydro Québec currently serves over four million customers and has one of the lowest electricity rates in North America. If the company has an electricity surplus, the company will often sell part of the electricity to nearby systems in Canada and the United States.


    Canadian Geographic energy map

    OCT 9, 2013 | TRANSMISSION

    Hydro: Flexible transmission


    OCT 9, 2013 | PRODUCTION

    Hydro: 59% of Canada's electricity


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