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    Wind energy: Power for millions of homes


    Author: Siobhan McClelland, Canadian Geographic

    Publish Date: Oct 3, 2013   Last Update: Sep 21, 2018


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    Installed wind power capacity in Canada has expanded rapidly in recent years and is forecasted to continue to grow at a rapid pace due to increased interest from electricity producers and governmental initiatives.

    As of 2014, Canada had over 5,130 wind turbines operating on 225 wind farms for a total installed capacity of 9,694 megawatts, compared with only 60 wind turbines, 8 wind farms and 27 megawatts in 1998. The provincial leaders in wind power capacity are Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta.

    Alberta now ranks third in Canada with an installed wind energy capacity of 1,479 MW. The province’s wind farms produce enough electricity each year to power 625,000 homes, equivalent to about eight per cent of Alberta’s electricity demand.

    In 2016, cumulative grid-connected wind capacity reached 466 GW (451 GW onshore wind and 15 GW offshore wind) and wind power accounted for almost 4% of global electricity generation globally.

    Quebec, Ontario, and Prince Edward Island are leading producers of wind energy. Other small wind-generated electricity isolated systems are found across Canada. In 2015, wind farms accounted for 99 percent of electricity production in Prince Edward Island.

    Electricity generated by wind farms may be used locally, or placed on the electric grid to power homes and businesses farther away.


    OCT 3, 2013 | TRANSMISSION

    Wind energy: From the turbine to our homes

    As the generator in a wind turbine creates electricity, a local transformer near the turbine sends it through transmission and distribution lines to users. The electricity can be used locally or put into the electric grid for use farther away.


    OCT 3, 2013 | PRODUCTION

    Wind energy: Harnessing the wind's power

    Wind hits the turbine’s blades, which turn a series of internal components connected to a generator to create electricity.


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