Energy education for all!

The Energy IQ program and website content is researched, created and evaluated by Canadian Geographic Education. The program aims to increase energy awareness and geographic literacy in Canada by including information about all resources, both renewable and non-renewable, that are a part of Canada’s energy mix.

Energy IQ is a trusted education resource for teachers and their students

Energy IQ is the direct result of over ten year’s worth of collaborative work between Canadian Geographic Education and its network of over 25,000 K-12 educators across Canada.

Canadian Geographic Education researches, sources, vets and structures the various Energy IQ learning materials to supply educators with easy-to-find and easy-to-use teaching tools. These bilingual, teacher-certified tools include:

  • Lesson plans for elementary, intermediate and secondary-level students
  • Explainer videos that cover big ideas in ways that make them easy to understand
  • Factbooks that help students dive deeper into the energy landscapes of different parts of Canada
  • A Giant Floor Map that can be reserved for in-school use
  • Tiled maps that let students “piece together” where different energy sources are located
  • Infographics that help students visualize energy production and transmission
  • Assessment tools like quizzes and crosswords 
  • A survey to compare your energy consumption habits to the national average
  • And more!

To start accessing these tools, visit the Resources and Downloads page. 

Thousands of Canadian classrooms agree that Energy IQ makes is easy and fun to re-think Canada’s energy mix and the many ways in which Canadians use energy on a daily basis. Watch the video below to see for yourself!